LDS Church – New York

LDS Church – New York

Texture: Custom Opalin | Color: Crystal | Thickness: 12mm (1/2")

ThinkGlass was mandated to create a special glass that was used in four 40' high windows on this high visibility wall of the LDS Church. The architect wanted the glass to represent the tree of life. Looking at the rendering and the fluidity of the movement from panel to panel, it proves to be a success.

Architect / Designer: Lee Smith     Year: 2004     Artist: Mailhot     Photo Credits: ThinkGlass

MGM Grand Casino - Detroit

MGM Grand Casino - Detroit

Texture: Art | Color: Crystal | Thickness: 36mm (1 1/2")

MGM wanted an artistic signature to the outside of the building. ThinkGlass created 20 windows that reach as far as 12 feet wide and 40 feet high. Fluid movements created by Mailhot combined with the OPALIN treatment bring a touch of elegance and free flow to this grand casino.

Architect / Designer: SmithGroup     Year: 2004     Artist: Mailhot

You will find no equal to ThinkGlass for allowing the natural light to come in while keeping a room private.

Thanks to light refraction in our textures, your window will have an ever changing aspect according to the time of day.

Our glass can be put in a sealed unit to increase its insulation capacity.

Create YOUR glass windows


We are proud to offer a great variety of organic and geometric standard textures for our architectural applications. Please consult our texture section here
We can create custom textures on demand as well. Everything is possible!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



36mm (1.5")

This is our standard thickness. Feel the depth of our textured glass.


48mm (2")

When you want or need just a little extra!

72mm (3")

Make a statement with your glass countertop.

96mm (4")

The ultimate thickness.


ComptoirColor Crystal


The Designer's choice is a low iron glass which provides exceptional light transmission, and depending on the thickness, ranges from virtually colorless to light blue in appearance. A clear choice for many applications!


ComptoirColor Aqua


The natural color of glass, inherently green and deep in color.


Should you want to personalize your glass countertop with dazzling colors or by adding the magical touch of our Master Glass Crafter Mailhot, please contact us to discuss your special request. We will contact you to discuss your special request. As an example, these are the custom colors that can be mixed together for Splash imbedded art.


Artistic Application

These are the custom colors that can be mixed together for imbedded art by Mailhot.



Artistic Application

The splendor of our artglass countertop by Mailhot.

Visit the artist site.


ThinkGlass now offers a full LED solution for all your lighting needs in order to further highlight your glass countertop. The most powerful LED's on the market to illuminate kitchens, bar tops, raised bars, and outdoor kitchens!

No other countertop material can offer you such versatility along with the possibility of transforming your glass to suit your mood or special event. In addition, Master Glass Artist, Michel Mailhot can create a custom artistic countertop which can be illuminated and further enhanced with lighting.

Below you will see some of the available colors.

White LED

True White



Multicolor LED

Cold White