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Since all our projects are custom made, our portfolio change every week. We focus our efforts on having the most complete up-to-date website. I invite you to browse our website to get an overview of our projects.

Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to help you.



We are proud of our ability to produce some of the world’s largest thermoformed glass projects. Our advantage – our exclusive thermoform ovens of 84” x 124”, the largest of it’s kind in North America.

We are specialize in thick glass applications, our standard being 1-1/2” (36mm) thick. Notheless, ThinkGlass’ technology can create pieces varying from delicate 1/8” (3mm) up to a thick 6” (144mm) as per your requirements.

We can create almost any type of shapes, verify the feasibility with your consultant. We thrive on challenges!!

Most of our textures can be tempered if they don’t exceed ¾” (19mm) in thickness. Tempering adds more resistance to glass’ natural characteristics. Most of the time we use this treatment for balustrades or railings projects. Over 1” thick, the glass becomes extremely solid and above 1-1/2” can be consider as any granite or natural stone.

We also laminate some applications, like glass floor, on the bottom side only and not in between the layers, in order to keep our unique monolithic polished edges. Technical sheet available on demand.

Charge capacity tests and coefficient of friction tests were performed on our treads and floor products. Ask our consultant to obtain a copy of the documents if required for your project.



We will be requesting templates for any architectural projects.

A template is an exact and full size shape that replicate exactly your glass piece in order to ensure a fast and accurate production of your ThinkGlass project.

Ideally, the template should be in a rigid material such as masonite, styrene, wood, rigid cardboard etc… Paper or any non-rigid materials will not be accepted.

The template can be also a DWG or a DXF document sent by email.

Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to help you.



Once you have completed the careful unpacking of your ThinkGlass product, you need to install it properly. We highly recommend that you have your project installed by a glass-competent professionnal. We do not recommend to install your ThinkGlass project yourself as you will risk to break or damage the product or even injure yourself.

Since all our projects are custom made and the installation may require different techniques, please always consult our treads and floor specialist before starting to install, we can offer guidances.

To guide you through the installation process, as exemple we provide you with a list of installation documents that you can find below. Please note that there are many types of installation that may not be listed here. Take note these documents are for information purposes only.

• Technical drawings - Apparent Edges
• Technical drawings - Floor 
• Installation - Central Plate
• Installation - Steel Angles
• Installation - Silicone step by step

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions, it will be a pleasure to discuss installation options with you.