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Since all our products are custom-made, it would be impossible for us to create a standard price list.

However, we do appreciate your need to understand the different price components of acquiring a glass countertop.

  • For a quote, please provide us with plans, drawings or specs by fax at 450-420-4010.
  • Verbal quotes will not be given.
  • Crating and shipping are charged separately, and will vary depending on order size and destination.

Should you have any other questions concerning your project, please contact us.



ThinkGlass does not prodive Architectural glass brochure, we focus all our efforts on having the most complete and up-to-date website.



We are proud of our ability to produce some of the world’s largest thermoformed glass projects. Our advantage - our exclusive thermoform ovens of 88” X 152” (224 cm x 386 cm), the largest of its kind in North America.

ThinkGlass’ technology can create pieces varying in thickness from a delicate 1/8” (3 mm), up to a bold 18” (457 mm) per your requirements.

Curving, shaping, molding, heat sculpting. We can create almost any shape without blowing the glass.
We thrive on challenges.



Glass is a very resistant material. And contrary to common belief, it will resist to very hard hits. Glass will withstand the test of time like no other material.

When glass thickness exceeds 3/4", it becomes extremely solid. Anything above 1.5" can be consider as any stone!

Most of our textures can be tempered if they do not exceed 3/4" (19mm) in thickness. Tempering adds even more resistance to glass' natural characteristics.

Lamination is another important safety device that can be applied to most of our products.

We can provide testing for a wide range of applications (stress / antiskid / strength) on demand.



A template is an exact, full size pattern of the glass pieces that you want cut for your kitchen or bathroom counters.

To ensure a fast and accurate production of your ThinkGlass creation and hence a perfect installation, please carefully review each of the required steps described in this downloadable Countertop Templating Instructions document PDF.

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to help you.



The customer is responsible for informing the appropriate persons, including any third party, of these receiving instructions. The appropriate persons are those responsible for safe and correct reception of shipments from our company.

The receiver is responsible for safely and correctly receiving shipments. Shipments are carefully packed and released in perfect condition. The receiver should only sign the carrier’s delivery receipt after careful review of our Receiving Instructions.


Receiving Instructions
All claims for loss, shortage, or damage on shipments sent F.O.B. origin must be made against the carrier directly by the receiver or customer. Contact ThinkGlass regarding claims against a carrier for loss, damage, or shortage on shipments sent F.O.B. destination. Delivery charges on shipments sent F.O.B. destination include shipping, insurance, and logistics.

Complete the steps for proper inspection and make any required notations before accepting a shipment. To be considered valid, any and all notations must appear on every copy of the carrier’s delivery receipt, be signed by the releasing agent (carrier’s driver) and initialed or signed by the receiver.

If refusing the shipment, do not sign the carrier’s delivery receipt. The shipment is considered accepted in perfect condition, except for any valid notations resulting from a proper inspection, when the receiver signs the carrier’s delivery receipt.

Zero tolerance

Each thermoformed glass piece is delivered using advanced transportation technology and packaging. We utilize air-ride equipped 53-foot trucks, LTL and air carriers, or international container shipping. The packaging consists of reinforced wooden crates and special foam and-or cardboard molding. Indeed, well over 99% of the pieces manufactured by our company have been delivered to destinations around the world without incident.

Confidence in these procedures is reflected in our policy of replacing glass damaged during transit to a domestic destination at no charge. This is contingent upon delivery being F.O.B. the destination via our carrier of choice, the receiver of the shipment correctly following all of our receiving instructions (see below), and replacement glass being identical to the original glass damaged during transport.



Once you have completed the carefull unpacking on your ThinkGlass product, you need to install it properly. Please download and carefully follow the instructions contained in the Countertop Installation Instructions guide (1MB).

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to help you.

Word of caution
We highly recommend that you have your countertop installed by a glass-competent professional. These people are trained and have specific experience manipulating heavy glass products.

We do not recommend that you install your ThinkGlass countertop yourself as you will risk breakage or scratching of the product or even injure yourself if you don't have the necessary competences.


Care & Maintenance

1 1/2-inch thick glass is very strong and durable. Glass is pure and is non-porous so it will not be affected by any chemicals.

Heat resistant
It is not recommended to put hot pots on glass counters. Use a trivet whenever possible.

Although glass can resist very high temperatures, breakage could still occur under certain circumstances (near edges or sharp corners, for example). We do not offer a guarantee against breakage due to thermal shock. Hence, we recommend not putting extremely hot pots directly on your glass countertop.


Any window cleaning or water/vinegar solution will ensure that your countertop stays new for years to come!