Glass Art on the table

Glass Art on the table

1.5" thick glass, Crystal color with Natura texture and Artistic Edge

ThinkGlass has unleashed its potential for creative inspiration with Artistic Glass by MAILHOT. From shimmery hues reminiscent of the ocean…
Morning glory

Morning glory

Texture: Peblo | Color: Crystal| Edge: Textured | Thickness: 36mm (1.5")

The owner gives us the full credit for making her kitchen so beautiful with this great looking "breakfast table".
Dining In

Dining In

Texture: Natura | Color: Crystal | Edge: Polished | Thickness: 36mm (1.5")

Durability and translucency were the criteria for this discerning client. A custom glass dining table was designed as the finishing…
Warm & Inviting

Warm & Inviting

Texture: Brossa | Color: Crystal | Edge: Polished | Thickness: 36mm (1.5")

The resident of this contemporary Florida home was looking to connect to the outdoors. This was achieved with a spectacular…
Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor Oasis

Texture: Natura | Color: Aqua | Edge: Polished | Thickness: 48mm (2") top, 72mm (3')

Indoors or out, glass table tops are the ideal year around solution for dining in style. Completely weather resistant, glass…
Elegant Dining

Elegant Dining

Texture: Natura | Color: Crystal | Edge: Polished | Thickness: 19mm (3/4")

As well as making a visual statement, this glass table top provides a durable low-maintenance surface. An extension of the…
Solid & Functional

Solid & Functional

Texture: Lino Random | Color: Crystal | Edge: Raw | Thickness: 48mm (2")

Think outside the box was the motto for the design of this glass table top. Thick slabs of 2" glass…
Sophisticated Style

Sophisticated Style

Texture: Natura | Color: Crystal | Edge: Polished | Thickness: 48mm (2")

Setting the tone for sophisticated design, this San Antonio showroom combines fashion-forward thinking with innovative ideas. This 2" thick glass…
Bold Presence

Bold Presence

Texture: Lino Special | Color: Aqua | Edge: Polished | Thickness: 36mm (1.5")

This glass table top was designed to meet the clients desire to have a geometric pattern embedded in the glass.…
Small Spaces

Small Spaces

Texture: Granula | Color: Crystal| Edge: Polished | Thickness: 36mm (1.5")

Glass table tops are the perfect solution for small spaces. This custom shape creates the finishing touch for this beautifully…
Round Table

Round Table

Design by Girard Fine Carpentry Glass by ThinkGlass
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Glass tables offer many advantages. They are:

  • Simply gorgeous
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Scratch and heat resistant, extremely durable.
  • Unique. You can even add custom artistic colors to really make it a one of a kind piece. 

Buy a 1 1/2" ThinkGlass glass tabletop and it will last you a lifetime! 

As a 42" x 84" glass tabletop can weight up to 500 lbs, you will need a strong structural base made of metal or wood. Call us and we will be happy to provide you with the specifications to help you create a stunning glass tabletop that will be the focal point of any room!

Create YOUR glass TableTop


A ThinkGlass glass countertop makes a statement – in creativity.

Because each ThinkGlass glass countertop begins with a handmade process, every finished product maintains its uniqueness. You can forever appreciate how no other kitchen, bars or bathroom will look quite like yours!

Imagine... your countertop, created with the texture and color of your choice. Now imagine this translucent surface mounted atop a copper, stainless or colored cabinet top, transformed again by the tone beneath it. Luxurious design with chameleon-like flexibility. Just imagine.



Our most popular texture with the designers. Beautiful and organic in feel due to a gentle flow in the patterns. It naturally blends with almost every conceivable design and takes on a life of it's own.



As popular as the Natura and similar, it has a more uniform flow in the pattern.


Our version of crackled glass. A soft texture with sporadic lines resembling a natural crackling effect.


Minimalist, clean and crisp, virtually textureless.


Sweeping brush strokes creating a soft directional pattern.


Like freshly fallen raindrops creating a unique water like pattern.


Wave like pattern, resembling the sea, most popular for ocean side residences.


Small indentations create an unusual pattern for unique spaces.


Resembling an earth like pattern.



Very textured, cracks and chunks everywhere.




36mm (1.5")

This is our standard thickness. Feel the depth of our textured glass.


48mm (2")

When you want or need just a little extra!

72mm (3")

Make a statement with your glass countertop.

96mm (4")

The ultimate thickness.




The Designer's choice is a low iron glass which provides exceptional light transmission, and depending on the thickness, ranges from virtually colorless to light blue in appearance. A clear choice for many applications!



The natural color of glass, inherently green and deep in color.


Edge Treatment


Sleek and modern, this edge profile provides pure depth and sophistication achievable only with thick glass



Our latest edge profile, a perfect linear design, modern and unique.



Should you want to personalize your glass countertop with dazzling colors or by adding the magical touch of our Master Glass Crafter Mailhot, please contact us to discuss your special request. We will contact you to discuss your special request. As an example, these are the custom colors that can be mixed together for Splash imbedded art.


Artistic Application

These are the custom colors that can be mixed together for imbedded art by Mailhot.



Artistic Application

The splendor of our artglass countertop by Mailhot.

Visit the artist site.



ThinkGlass now offers a full LED solution for all your lighting needs in order to further highlight your glass countertop. The most powerful LED's on the market to illuminate kitchens, bar tops, raised bars, and outdoor kitchens!

No other countertop material can offer you such versatility along with the possibility of transforming your glass to suit your mood or special event. In addition, Master Glass Artist, Michel Mailhot can create a custom artistic countertop which can be illuminated and further enhanced with lighting.

Below you will see some of the available colors.

White LED

True White



Multicolor LED

Cold White