Transaction desk

Spa Mathers - Welcome

Spa Mathers - Welcome

When the best designers are asked to create show stopping hospitality interiors many of them are turning to ThinkGlass to help set the mood!
Designers and architects decided to use ThinkGlass expertise and wide variety of talents to adorn the new Spa Mathers Ciel nordique (Nordic Sky).

Designer: Ani Gervais   Architects: Serge Falardeau - Groupe Falardeau  Constructor: Les Constructions Niatruss Inc.
Location: St-Eustache, Qc Canada

Browns Montreal

Browns Montreal

Texture: Herma | Color: Crystal | Edge: Polished | Thickness: 76mm (3")

Impressive and beautiful transaction desk. A great glass countertop that wraps the whole store design.


Photo Stéphane Groleau

Warm welcome

Warm welcome

Texture: Granula | Color: Aqua | Edge: Polished | Thickness: 36mm (1.5")

This original transaction desk in a dentist office is the perfect welcoming element. The glass makes it even more original and is the perfect material for a dentist office : easy to clean and non-porous.

Architect / Designer: Carmen Gruska, Contemporary Interiors

Crystal de la Montagne

Crystal de la Montagne

Texture: Natural | Color: Crystal | Edge: Polished | Thickness: 36mm (1.5")

This five star hotel is using ThinkGlass Crystal Glass not for its name but for the durability, easy to clean and hygienic qualities.

Architect / Designer: Camdi Design    Year: 2008     Photo Credits: ThinkGlass

Browns Shoes - Laval

Browns Shoes - Laval

This highly prestigious retail shoe store has been exhibiting all its merchandise on ThinkGlass shelves for the past 10 years. Trying our product was a revelation: it is now part of their signature design for uniqueness, durability and extremely low maintenance needs.

Architect / Designer: Julie Thibodeau    Year: 2009     Photo Credits: ThinkGlass

Caisse Populaire de Valleyfield - Bank

Caisse Populaire de Valleyfield - Bank

To revamp the transaction areas, the designer opted for glass countertops. While being perfectly adapted to the style and very durable, glass brings a touch of prestige to the surroundings.

Architect / Designer: Vice Versa     Year: 2007     Photo Credits: Designer    Artist: Mailhot

Marriott Residence Inn - USA

Marriott Residence Inn - USA

Texture: Granula | Color: Crystal | Edge: Polished | Thickness: 36mm (1.5")

ThinkGlass has been specified for the upcoming renovation of all Marriott Residence Inn Hotels across the US. ThinkGlass countertops will impress the guests upon arrival. No other countertop material stands out like the elegance of glass. A welcoming and comforting first impression is left upon everyone.

Architect / Designer: Johnson Braund Design Group     Year: 2009     Photo Credits: Owner

San Jose Airport – CA

San Jose Airport – CA

ThinkGlass is honored to have produced more than 200 countertops for the ticket and baggage desks of this airport. Proof that glass can be used for high traffic applications.

Architect / Designer: Hensel Phelps     Year: 2009      Photo Credits: Contractor

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Our beautiful, durable, hygienic and maintenance-free glass countertops will warmly welcome clients for a transaction in any type of business: banks, hotels, retail stores, and more.

Create YOUR glass Transaction Desk


A ThinkGlass glass countertop makes a statement – in creativity.

Because each ThinkGlass glass countertop begins with a handmade process, every finished product maintains its uniqueness. You can forever appreciate how no other kitchen, bars or bathroom will look quite like yours!

Imagine... your countertop, created with the texture and color of your choice. Now imagine this translucent surface mounted atop a copper, stainless or colored cabinet top, transformed again by the tone beneath it. Luxurious design with chameleon-like flexibility. Just imagine.



Our most popular texture with the designers. Beautiful and organic in feel due to a gentle flow in the patterns. It naturally blends with almost every conceivable design and takes on a life of it's own.



As popular as the Natura and similar, it has a more uniform flow in the pattern.


Our version of crackled glass. A soft texture with sporadic lines resembling a natural crackling effect.


Minimalist, clean and crisp, virtually textureless.


Sweeping brush strokes creating a soft directional pattern.


Like freshly fallen raindrops creating a unique water like pattern.


Wave like pattern, resembling the sea, most popular for ocean side residences.


Small indentations create an unusual pattern for unique spaces.


Resembling an earth like pattern.



Very textured, cracks and chunks everywhere.




36mm (1.5")

This is our standard thickness. Feel the depth of our textured glass.


48mm (2")

When you want or need just a little extra!

72mm (3")

Make a statement with your glass countertop.

96mm (4")

The ultimate thickness.




The Designer's choice is a low iron glass which provides exceptional light transmission, and depending on the thickness, ranges from virtually colorless to light blue in appearance. A clear choice for many applications!



The natural color of glass, inherently green and deep in color.


Edge Treatment


Sleek and modern, this edge profile provides pure depth and sophistication achievable only with thick glass



Our latest edge profile, a perfect linear design, modern and unique.



Should you want to personalize your glass countertop with dazzling colors or by adding the magical touch of our Master Glass Crafter Mailhot, please contact us to discuss your special request. We will contact you to discuss your special request. As an example, these are the custom colors that can be mixed together for Splash imbedded art.


Artistic Application

These are the custom colors that can be mixed together for imbedded art by Mailhot.



Artistic Application

The splendor of our artglass countertop by Mailhot.

Visit the artist site.



ThinkGlass now offers a full LED solution for all your lighting needs in order to further highlight your glass countertop. The most powerful LED's on the market to illuminate kitchens, bar tops, raised bars, and outdoor kitchens!

No other countertop material can offer you such versatility along with the possibility of transforming your glass to suit your mood or special event. In addition, Master Glass Artist, Michel Mailhot can create a custom artistic countertop which can be illuminated and further enhanced with lighting.

Below you will see some of the available colors.

White LED

True White



Multicolor LED

Cold White

















Combine texture and shape with a colored or metalic substrate to make your see-through glass countertop even more revealing and dazzling.
(Substrate not provided by ThinkGlass).

We recommend a metallic or glossy finish to enhance the light in the countertop. Stainless, chrome, glossy white and copper are the most used colors.

Not supplied by ThinkGlass