Testimonials - Commercial


Here are some comments and testimonials from our wonderful clients who were kind enought to share their great appreciation of our work. We also would like to thank all the great designers who work with us to transform a client's dream into a luminescent reality.


San Jose Airport

San Jose Airport"The ThinkGlass product used at the Mineta San Jose International Airport provided the "wow" factor for our ticket counters, gate counters, podiums, and baggage service counters.  ThinkGlass was used only for the lower service shelf (the ADA shelf), and it is just enough to give the whole counter a look of richness and luxury, and was my personal favorite material used on the whole project.  We also enjoyed working with the ThinkGlass staff that helped us at every turn, even to the point of making an almost impossible schedule for the baggage service counters.  I would definitely recommend ThinkGlass to my next airport client and to other commercial users who are looking to add a touch of glamour to their projects!" - Catherine McMullen, Terminal A Project Manager, Terminal Area Improvement Program, Mineta San Jose International Airport (Architect / Designer: Hensel Phelps)


Nautical Glass

Mar Wharf-small"Our ThinkGlass bar top is nothing short of spectacular. It truly is a show-stopper and something that not only draws guests into the restaurant, but keeps them there longer. It is fun and innovative while still being classy and stylish. In a town where there are more restaurant seats than residents, it is utterly important to continually find ways to set your establishment apart and step it up a notch. The ThinkGlass bar top does exactly that." - J.R. Baroni, owner, Martingale Wharf

Artistic glass bar with Artistic edge finish by MAILHOT, 1.5 inches thick, Portsmouth, NH.

Glass Art by MAILHOT - Photo: © John Benford / www.johnbenfordphoto.com


UltraClub Pink

Mar Wharf-small"Its very durable and very low maintenance. Looks great and so much can be done with glass applications. We've had lots of traffic at the club in the last year and never had a problem with the glass bar. It still looks like the first day we received it. It's a year later and we still get compliments! It truly is one of a kind; exactly what I was looking for. Thank you again for everything" - Fadi Chamoun, owner, NV UltraClub (Ottawa)

Photo: © Paul Trepanier