Why Innovative ThinkGlass Treads?

Glass Treads Stairs

Glass Treads for magnificient stairs

Once again the innovators at ThinkGlass have pushed the design envelope by transforming the ordinary into something spectacular. This time it’s stairs, steps/treads that have caught their attention and the results are truly awe-inspiring. Beautifully ethereal and yet incredibly strong and modern, glass steps rise like a shimmery sculpture, creating an undeniable sense of wow in any space.

Granted, you might not automatically think of glass as a practical material for steps, but after careful consideration, you have to wonder “why not?”.

There are many reasons why glass is an inherently sensible new option for steps:


Glass allows light to flow through the stairs, creating a very airy and luxurious dwelling. As natural light permeates the space, it produces different moods and forms a seamless transition between rooms. Glass can also be used in landings and “see-throughs” from one floor to another to add even more visual interest and drama. Glass makes a dramatic entrance. A staircase is a natural architectural centerpiece and often makes the first impression as one enters a home or business. Don’t miss the opportunity to make it spectacular!


No Lamination

No more unsightful lamination lines, thanks to ThinkGlass and the cutting-edge innovation of their polished edge, glass treads can finally show the real beauty of pure glass.

 GlassTreads ThinkGlass


Strong and Durable

Glass is strong and durable. In fact, 1.5-inch glass treads are up to three times stronger than granite or stone, and they can bear a load of 1800 lbs. at the center of a 36-inch wide tread. All ThinkGlass treads pass mandated strength requirement tests and are laminated on the underside with an invisible safety film for extra security.



Endless design possibilities let you customize steps to suit any room. ThinkGlass offers seven organic textures and two edge treatments – along with crystal or aqua color choices – to allow you to create a unique and personalized tread. You even have the option of installing LED lighting for a soft, glowing effect.



Glass stairs can serve as the artwork of the room. Glass Master Michel Mailhot creates remarkable custom pieces that artfully complement their surrounding décor. From shimmering hues to bold splashes of color, the possibilities for creating a truly custom one-of-a-kind staircase are limitless.

artistic glass steps michel mailhot thinkglass



Treads can be sized and shaped to fit any space, from a dramatic grand staircase to a compact spiral design. Staircases may be made entirely of glass treads, or simply accented with a few glass steps.


Slip Resistant

Glass steps are slip resistant. An imbedded texture provides an anti-skid surface that is scratch- proof and easily hides any smudges or streaks. ThinkGlass stair treads exceed current standards for "coefficient of friction" requirements as specified by ASTM section c1028, Underwriters Laboratories UL-410, and ADA.



Glass is an eco-friendly option. ThinkGlass designs are 100% fully recyclable. They are radon free, have no negative impact on air quality, and qualify for points under LEED and NAHB building guidelines. ThinkGlass also use eco-friendly production practices with a strong commitment to sustainability and good working conditions.



Glass is naturally hygienic. Because glass is a non-porous substance, it offers no crevices to harbor mold or bacteria. Treads are easily cleaned and require no special sealants or chemical treatments.



When compared to other options, glass is still competitive. Glass is a pure and noble material. It is the real thing – no fakes or imitations here. There is simply no other product that can rival its natural beauty and luminescence.


Considering all the reasons listed here, it should come as no surprise that the demand for glass steps is rapidly growing as consumers and designers alike discover this exciting design possibility.

GlassTreads Stairs

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