Our products

Why ThinkGlass countertops are sustainable and a healthy choice :

  • 100% fully recyclable
  • No sealants or harsh chemicals are used to produce them
  • Maintenance-free and highly durable
  • No emissions released and no negative impact on air quality
  • Radon free (compared to granite)
  • Certified NSF International (Standard 51-Food equipment material) as safe for use as a food preparation surface
  • 10 points LEED for Homes
  • 23 points NAHB Model Green Home

If you are an architect or a designer, make sure to consult our LEED and NAHB (PDF, 86.8 KB) document which gives you the details on how ThinkGlass can help you get more points for green homes.

 We are working towards getting more LEED points to become even more sustainable and to offset our carbon footprint ! ThinkGlass countertops are attractive and produced in a socially responsible manner!


Our company

At ThinkGlass, our green policy is not only a statement, it's a way of life! We are nature lovers who want to protect the environment.

Here are some of the initiatives we have undertaken:

  • We are using rain water to operate our glass-cutting equipment
  • All our waste and scrap glass are recycled
  • We make a point at recycling all cardboard, metal, paper and plastic used in the plant and the office
  • We have decreased our energy consumption by taking different measures like lowering the heat at night.
  • All our crates used for transportation of our products are made with dead wood that has been harvested on private lands. We prioritize sick or fallen logs to avoid cutting healthy trees.
  • We contribute a part of our profits to World Wild Fund International (WWF)
  • Our workers have good working conditions


Always environmentally conscious, ThinkGlass installed a water recycling system for its two machine tools (CNC). Water is used in the polishing and cutting of glass. This filtering system will help save 250 gallons a minute or just over one Olympic swimming pool every month!